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Phosphates also play an important role in washing,such as trisodium phosphate,disodium hydrogen phosphate and condensed sodium phosphate(sodium tripolyphosphate,sodium pyrophosphate,etc.),especially condensed phosphate is the most important detergent formulation.Trisodium phosphate is also called sodium orthophosphate.Its main function is to soften water quality.Disodium hydrogen phosphate has the same properties as trisodium phosphate except that its PH value is low.These two kinds of phosphates are often mixed in the formulation,so as to ensure good decontamination ability under the condition of low pH value.Condensed phosphate mainly includes sodium pyrophosphate,sodium tripolyphosphate and so on,and the most used is sodium tripolyphosphate.Sodium tripolyphosphate is added to the detergent to form a complex with calcium and magnesium ions,which can dissolve in water and soften the water quality.Sodium tripolyphosphate in aqueous solution has a special ability to disperse solid particles of dirt,which can speed up the cleaning process and improve the cleaning effect.Sodium tripolyphosphate has a low PH value,which can play an alkaline buffer role.It keeps the PH value of detergent solution in an appropriate range.The PH value does not change dramatically.In powder detergent,it can make the product department absorb moisture and not agglomerate,so that the product has good fluidity.It has excellent detergency,foam stability and emulsifying power.

The chemical properties of phosphate include chelating calcium and magnesium ions in water,which can reduce the hardness of water and soften water.Among them,sodium tripolyphosphate is the most commonly used phosphate chelating agent,which is widely used in solid detergents.The use of chelating agent can save active substances and avoid leaving precipitates on the fabric to make the washed fabric bright.Phosphate series products produced by Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd. adopt thermal process and authentic raw materials,strictly control the metal impurity index,no pollution in the use process,and guarantee the quality.

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