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Just after the Spring Festival of 1987,people were still immersed in the festival celebration.As night fell,the 737 plane from Chongqing to Guangzhou slowly landed at Baiyun Airport.
In the crowd,two passengers,one tall and one short,were in a hurry,without talking,and their expressions were somewhat dignified.Out of the airport,they found a taxi,and soon disappeared into the lamplight of “Yangcheng”.
An open-air market on the outskirts of guangzhou is filled with chemicals.The dim light shone down on the hilly heap of goods,casting a shadow that moved faintly.
In the dark and light,the two men took off their suits,pulled up their shirt sleeves and looked at a large pile of plastic buckets filled with phosphoric acid.
"We should look in the middle on both sides.We must be careful not to let a leaky bucket leak out."The short man said in a low,magnetic voice.
"Of course,and it's all going to be checked out tomorrow morning.Otherwise,not only will this shipment break the pot,but it will also affect the business behind this.”The tall man said resolutely.
So they each held a flashlight and began to work.

Looking,bucketing,changing....Buckets weighing 35 kilograms are brought out of the stack,poured into another bucket,and raised again...Go round and begin again.
Unconsciously,the moon on the head has dropped to the west.The silent February night made them feel a little stuffy.
The two men were not skilled in their movements,and after several hours of exhaustion,they were obviously deformed.Their hands are stiff and feet are heavy.From time to time,they wipe the sweat on head with sleeve.
At this time,from the warehouse door a person went in a hurry,with Cantonese Mandarin,exclaimed: "Oh,no,Gao factory director,Ye Section Director,How did you come to Guangzhou to work?!”
Here is the story,the protagonist should appear:the short one is Gao Guangfan,director of the Chuandong Plant,and the tall is Ye Yingfu,director of the Sales Department of the CD.
At this time,Gao Guangfan,with a simple and sincere smile,said,"Manager Liang,I'm very sorry that our work has not been done well,which has brought you trouble.But we are honest,and we will never do anything harmful to your interests.This batch of goods,I have checked with Chief Ye twice,this is the last barrel,you can check and accept it."
Ye Yingfu went on to say,"I received your call this morning,saying that a few barrels were found to be leaking.Gao immediately decided to deal with it as soon as possible.Before we had time to discuss,we got to work."
Excited manager liang caught up with the first step,firmly holding the hands of both of them and said sincerely:"I am a hundred confidence to hand in a partner like you.From now on,the transfer of phosphoric acid for export,bag on my body!"Three happy laughter,echoed in the early morning light!

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