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Huishui STPP factory helps Wansheng Chuandong smoothly product

Huishui Chuandong Chemical Industry Group is located in Guizhou Province,an important production base of sodium tripolyphosphate,sodium hexametaphosphate,sodium phosphate and other phosphates.The product of sodium tripolyphosphate produced by Huishui Chuandong Chemical Industry Group has the characteristics of high quality and stable quality.Huishui sodium tripolyphosphate is an internal brand of sodium tripolyphosphate.

In 2018,Huishui Chuandong obeyed the overall arrangement of the group company,thanked for the talent transportation and training of the group company,and actively nurtured back,which contributed to the success of Wansheng Chuandong trial production.

Since the test run of Wansheng Chuandong at the beginning of this year,whether qualified products can be produced has attracted the attention and attention of Huishui Chuandong.According to the arrangement of the group company and the needs of Wansheng Chuandong,Huishui Chuandong has sent authoritative phosphate technicians to support Wansheng Chuandong.

In just two or three months,the Huishui Chuandong has sent the director of the sodium pyrophosphate workshop and technical backbone,quality inspection expert and technical director of huishui to the Wansheng Chuandong,promoting the production and debugging of products such as sodium tripolyphosphate,sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium pyrophosphate.

This a series of personnel support,is a group company of HuiShui in talents affirmation,also reflected the HuiShui Chuandong,and the overall interests of comrade abroad,they are standing on the company's overall interests,using their own professional knowledge and skills for the healthy development of the group company without reservation all contribute strength,positive feedback,support the development of group company.Only if the group company's overall healthy and normal development,huishui company can smoothly move to the next step,and the employees in the Huishui Chuandong can have a happier future.
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