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Seminar on Quality Grade of STPP

On June 2,the Headquarters of Chuandong Chemical Group convened technical engineers and sales and technical backbone of production bases to focus on "quality positioning and technical tackling of products such as sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate of Chuandong Chemical Industry".

The conference is chaired by Gao Guangfan,the chairman of Chuandong Chemical Group.(It can be seen that the importance of "quality" for Chuandong Chemical Industry)

In the first part of the conference,the chairman Gao of the board of directors gave a leading introduction to the current environment of environmental protection development and increasing consumer demand.

Second,the directors of Guangxi,Guizhou,Sichuan and Leshan provinces will report in detail on the current production and technology.

Then the whole meeting reached its climax.Each salesperson speaks in turn and gives suggestions and opinions according to the product and region in charge.At present,sodium tripolyphosphate of Chuandong has been widely recognized and praised in the ceramic industry,but due to the impact of a large number of low-end products on the market and the prevalence of counterfeiting,some low-end industries can not fully meet their needs.The product system of sodium tripolyphosphate of Chuandong still needs further improvement."How to make the product adapt to the use needs of different industries and make it easy to use and have maximum cost control unit price" has become a prominent problem.Everyone scrambled to speak.The train of thought is becoming clearer and clearer.At present,the application industries of sodium tripolyphosphate include ceramic industry,washing industry,water treatment industry, printing and dyeing industry,paint,drilling,refractories and so on.Chuandong Chemical Technology Team will further develop indicators for other industries in the ceramic industry.
This conference has posed a difficult problem for the technical team in Chuandong.They will gradually conquer.Thanks to the detailed feedback of customer demand data from sales staff.It is an important cornerstone to promote the quality system of chemical products in Chuandong.
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